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La Jolla, California

Deborah Cox

Journal Entry

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My trip started out with a 3 hour delay at Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport, which I spent in a little bar drinking wine and chatting with a young man from Australia who is apparantly on an extended "walk about." He had been living in Ft. Lauderdale, working on a private yacht and now he was on his way to San Diego to do the same thing.

I got on the plane - finally - fell asleep during take-off, and slept for the first hour of the two-hour flight. I was in San Diego for a conference, but on the second day, I managed to slip out a little early and take a trip to La Jolla.

La Jolla:

The sea smells like compost, not a beach smell, but then this isn't exactly a beach, not in the white powder sand sense of the word. There are tiny alcoves with sand where people swim, and I worry about their sanity. This is my first trip to California, and I never expected it to be so chilly in southern California in late April.

The waves are wild today, the sky overcast. Sea lions and pelicans sun themselves, and the squirrels here aren't afraid of anything. Pewter water turns to mint green with white foam near the shore. It reminds me of British Columbia more than anything.

Finally sunlight begins to filter through the clouds, turning the water a beautiful sapphire, but I have used all of my film. I wish I had a better camera.

Why do kids feel the need to scream at the shore? Is it to be heard over the waves? I suppose it's one of those things you know as a child and forget as you get older.

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