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From This Day Forward by Deborah Cox


From This Day Forward by Deborah Cox

Finalist - The Literary Times Best Historical Romance of 1995 

The Literary Times 
"Deborah Cox... writes with the three 'E's,' Elegance, Emotion and Eloquence! This one will take your breath away!" 

Rendezvous Magazine 
"heart-stopping...exciting, romantic and adventurous. It supports my belief that love can overcome anything." 

Harriet Klausner, Affair de Coure 4+ 
"...a well written historical romance that emphasizes that the love of a brave, strong woman can exorcise the ghosts destroying a good man." 

Bell, Book and Candle 41/2 
"...a fantastic book." 

Heartland Critiques 
"Consistently strong author, Ms. Cox does not disappoint this reviewer." 

The Time Machine 
"...a beautiful story with strong, compelling characters... I recommend this to all who believe in true love winning out." 

GEnie Romex Reviews 
"... a rich, insightful account of one man's search for redemption and the woman whose unconditional love guides him toward his goal. A fine and moving story sure to touch your heart." 


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